WA Listens Support Line

WA Listens Support Line

This program ended on June 30, 2022

During the national COVID-19 pandemic the WA Listens Support Line was brought to us by FEMA, SAMHSA and the HCA. Community Integrated Health Services (CIHS) was happy to take part in the effort to support those who were overwhelmed or anxious about events due to this pandemic.

Here at CIHS we would like to thank all of the counselors and agencies that took part in this effort for all of their hard work and supporting the people of WA State.

WA Listens Support Line

What is the WA Listens Support Line?

Crisis lines have seen an increased high volume of calls due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The WA Listens Support Line was created for people to be able to talk about and manage their feelings surrounding COVID-19.

The WA Listens Support Line is a very confidential and anonymous support line, there is no need to supply your name when you call.

The WA Listens Support Line is funded by a FEMA, SAMHSA, and HCA grant.

The WA Listens support line is available all across the region.

Who is eligible to call the Support Line?

The service is free for anyone in Washington. Services are available for children and youth to older adults. No insurance, no fees, just support.

What can Washington Listens do for me?

Washington Listens’ services are designed to help people deal with their stress from the outbreak and build recovery. This includes providing someone to talk to, groups to help work through the stress together, resources to self-manage, and connection to resources

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