CIHS Housing, LLC

CIHS Housing, LLC

November 2022: The single greatest problem for many of our behavioral health clients is lack of stable housing. Clients often don’t have enough or consistent income or support to afford housing, and this is made more difficult by the lack of affordable housing in Southwest Washington. Still other clients are denied housing due to a history of incarceration and/or drug use. When people are worried about where they are sleeping tonight, they are not able to focus on treatment. What’s happening in their lives and with their behavioral health issues contribute to clients having difficulty remembering and getting to appointments, to work, to school. Without a regular address, it can be very time consuming to locate and provide effective and consistent care for clients. With CIHS’s higher-intensity and higher-needs clients, as many as 50% of them are homeless.

CIHS recognizes that homelessness is a significant issue and established CIHS Housing, LLC to pursue funding for emergency housing assistance and to work with partners to develop more affordable housing for our clients.


January 2023: CIHS contracts with Coordinated Care, a managed care organization (MCO), to provide behavioral health services to persons enrolled with their insurance company who are receiving Medicaid. Ron Lehto, Chief Business Officer at CIHS, approached Coordinated Care and asked for their help, and they responded. Through their Community Giving program, Coordinated Care has provided funds for emergency housing assistance to CIHS clients. Designed to bridge the gap between the onset of homelessness and when other programs can start, these funds can be used to help with things like paying for a month’s rent, a security deposit, or a utility payment.

On behalf of our clients that so desperately need this assistance, CIHS is deeply grateful for Coordinated Care’s commitment to the people in our community. For CIHS clients that are facing or experiencing homelessness, please talk with your mental health professional. Because everyone deserves a home.

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