About Us

About Us

Helping people is our primary purpose. This is who we are.

Community Integrated Health Services (CIHS) was borne out of a need to fill unmet behavioral health needs in our community. With 20% of people experiencing a mental health or substance-use-related episode in their lifetime, there can never be enough resources in our communities for those who need support. CIHS has grown to fill needs as they are identified.

In 2017, the organization started with a focus on Medicaid-based high-intensity services for those with severe mental health issues. CIHS has since added traditional talk therapy services (with licensed therapists) for anyone - youth, families, and adults who are looking to boost their coping skills in daily life. Our goal is to meet people figuratively and quite literally “where they are” to help them recover and restore their lives, and build hope for the future. Our staff are highly motivated, caring individuals who work in this field because they are passionate about helping people live well and be successful.

We serve clients in professional office settings and virtually. When appropriate, we also go out into the community and provide services – whether it be at home, a school, or other community settings. In addition to therapy for individuals, we have programs that support local professionals and first responders who request support when their work impacts their mental health and well-being. Our focus is and continues to be prioritizing the wellness of adults, youth, and families in our communities.

CIHS is Committed to:

  • Assisting individuals with behavioral health and/or substance use disorder (SUD) issues obtain the support, skills, and services necessary to improve their level of functioning.
  • Delivering services in a variety of settings, including the home, community-based settings (like schools and medical clinics), office, or phone, depending on the needs of the individual.
  • Providing compassionate, integrated, collaborative, evidence-based, patient-centered, and whole-person care that supports clients’ own goals and motivation toward positive health outcomes.
  • Adding programs (such as outpatient therapy for youth, adults, and families) to meet needs in the community. CIHS also has medical prescribers on staff to eliminate long wait times for behavioral-health-related prescriptions.
  • During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, CIHS kept the lights on, staff employed, and its programs open. While still observing CDC guidelines, we met clients in community settings and provided clients and their families with handmade fabric masks and essentials such as toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer.
  • Later in 2023, CIHS is planning to offer behavioral health services for clients with private insurance coverage.

CIHS currently has 115 employees, 13 facilities and continues to grow! Services are available in Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Pacific, and Wahkiakum Counties. Part of CIHS’ overall success stems from listening to our communities and designing support systems for those in need and being the ones who continue to serve our communities through it all - meeting people figuratively and quite literally “where they are”.

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Our Leadership


Marc Bollinger

CEO / Executive Director


Ron Lehto

Chief Business Officer


Kathy Robertson

Chief Clinical Officer


Karl Beall

Clinic Operations Director