Flexible Assertive Community Treatment

Flexible Assertive Community Treatment<br>(FACT)

Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) services are available in Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, and Lewis Counties

What is Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACT)?

Flexible Assertive Community Treatment - The FACT program provides services for people with mental health needs who have a history of multiple visits to an emergency department, inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations, and/or contacts with law enforcement related to their behavioral health challenges.

Who is eligible for the FACT program?

Individuals who voluntarily agree to services and who receive Medicaid insurance benefits for behavioral health services, with a primary diagnosis of a behavioral health challenge, and whose Level of Care Utilization System (LOCUS) score places them in a Level 3 (intensive) or Level 4 (high intensity) service level.

What is the Goal of the FACT program?

The goal of the FACT program is to assist individuals in learning recovery skills, accessing resources, reducing hospitalizations, and decreasing contacts with law enforcement. The FACT team utilizes a wraparound approach with most services taking place in the community, and works in partnership with individuals and their formal or informal support systems.

  • Behavioral Health counseling services
  • Medication Management
  • Skill building for self-care
  • Exploring employment opportunities
  • Assistance with identifying benefits and other funding/financial resources
  • Assistance with finding housing

Community Integrated Health Services has developed a strong FACT team that is designed to wrap services around each individual in the program. FACT team members include:

  • Mental Health Professional - The team’s Mental Health Professional provides the initial mental health assessment and works in conjunction with the team and individual to create an individualized treatment plan and wellness plan. This master’s level clinician provides ongoing case management support and individual therapy to encourage recovery and wellness.
  • Registerd Nurse/License Practical Nurse - The FACT team Nurse provides assistance and support with medication management needs as well and ongoing care coordination with physical health and specialty health providers.
  • Case Manager - The Case Manager for the FACT team works in conjunction with other team members and the individual to create an individualized treatment plan and wellness plan. This bachelor-level clinician provides ongoing case management supportive services and individual counseling to encourage recovery and wellness.
  • Peer Specialist - The Peer Specialist on the FACT team provides community integration, promotes social connections, and supports the individual’s recovery through a peer lens of lived experience. They provide direct peer support services, as well as case management services such as assistance with identifying and accessing community resources, practicing coping skills, and more.
  • Substance Use Dependency Professional - The Substance Use Dependency Professional works alongside the other FACT team members to best serve the individual’s identified needs. This position provides a substance use disorder assessment and evaluates the appropriate level of care needed for the enrolled individual. The clinician also provides ongoing counseling to the individual pertaining their substance abuse recovery needs, aids in locating additional Substance Use Disorder programs and support, and aids the client in reaching their treatment plan goals for recovery.
  • Psychiatric Prescriber - The psychiatric prescriber is an ARNP or Psychiatrist that provides an assessment for the need of prescribed psychiatric medications as well as ongoing support for adherence, efficacy and any changes necessary to the medication regime.

Referral Information

Referrals to the FACT team can come directly to any FACT team member by faxing a completed referral form to the number below.

The FACT program referral form can be completed by the requesting entity or one of the FACT team members, alongside an individual seeking services.

Each referral needs to have a completed ROI attached, unless it is a self-referral.

Use the button below to download the referral form.


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