School-Based Services

School-Based Services

What is School-Based Services

Office based counseling provided by MHPs in the school setting.  Services are NOW being provided in the home setting or via Telehealth option. Services are available year round through our General Outpatient Services program.

Provide medical evaluations and collaborative care with pediatricians.



Where is School-Based Services?

Contracted with most school districts in Cowlitz County and one school district in Lewis County, thus far.

Who makes up the School-Based Teams?

Teams consist of an MHP and a case manager.

School-Threat Assessment Care Coordination

School-Threat Assessment Care Coordination<br>(S-TACC)

What is S-TACC?

A school superintendent can request S-TACC to monitor a child who’s been expelled due to having made targeted threats of violence toward the school or community. S-TACC sees the child in the home and communicates status with the Safety Team.

Where is S-TACC Available?

Offered to every school district in Cowlitz County and to select school districts in Lewis County.

Who does S-TACC consist of?

Team consists of: a lead S-TACC care
coordinator who works directly with the school Safety Team.

Safety Team can include superintendent, law
enforcement, juvenile detention, school
counselors, psychiatrist, and pediatrician.

Contact Information

Office Location

  • Cowlitz County

    1128 Broadway Street
    Longview, WA 98632

  • Lewis County

    1707 Cooks Hill Rd
    Centralia, WA 98531

By Mail

  • Cowlitz Mailing Address

    P.O. Box 1054
    Longview, WA 98632

  • Lewis Mailing Address

    P.O. Box 579
    Centralia, WA 98531